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I restarted my running ambitions about 3 years ago as I made my way around Bournemouth Park Run, with my oldest son, expecting my knees to tell me to give up, as they had done many years prior. To my great pleasure, a gradual build up and good shoes have seen me going from strength to strength and finally re-ignite the long held desire to run a marathon.

So here we are: the training almost complete (I ran 22 miles last weekend) and now moving to the bit where someone else benefits from the hard work I have put in over the last few years and more particularly the last few months. In no particular order I have:

1. Got through 2 pairs of running shoes

2. Been bitten by a Mallorcan dog (literally) half way through an 18 mile training run

3. Trained for 43 hours over 306 miles, climbing over 8,000ft since June (when I started measuring my efforts on Strava!)

To be honest I am looking forward to getting the run done. 2 October 2016 here we come!

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