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The Fundraiser - Practical advice and insight for the charity sector

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Creating a seamless supporter journey - an interview with Joe Jenkins

Date posted: 25 Nov 2019

Joe is Director of Supporter Impact and Income at The Children's Society, leading the Income Generation and Supporter Engagement teams. Ahead of his session at the Future Fundraising conference on 23 March 2020, Joe spoke to us about the importance of creating a seamless supporter journey...

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Supporter data hygiene: 6 tips to ensure your database stays in good shape

Date posted: 21 Nov 2019

There is nothing worse that finding out a charity communication has caused distress. We have all heard horror stories of mailings mistakenly sent out to a recently deceased file, or phone calls made to vulnerable people, but a more common issue is when a communication is sent to a previous occupier's old address and so never reaches its...

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6 ways to create a strong brand for your charity

Date posted: 08 Nov 2019

Creating a strong brand is an essential way to engage people with your organisation and communicate your values. In busy and under-resourced organisations it’s easy to put branding and marketing to the bottom of a to-do list and categorise them as ‘nice to have’ rather than crucial...

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