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The Fundraiser - Practical advice and insight for the charity sector

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Creating a seamless supporter journey - an interview with Joe Jenkins

Date posted: 25 Nov 2019

Joe is Director of Supporter Impact and Income at The Children's Society, leading the Income Generation and Supporter Engagement teams. Ahead of his session at the Future Fundraising conference on 23 March 2020, Joe spoke to us about the importance of creating a seamless supporter journey...

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4 reasons why charities are struggling to retain good fundraising talent

Date posted: 11 Sep 2019

There is an interesting survey from the Chronicle of Philanthropy that suggests that half of all the 1,000+ fundraisers surveyed in the US and Canada expect to leave their jobs in the next two years. More worryingly, 30% say that they recently left or plan to leave the fundraising field altogether in the next two years…

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You don’t divide your friends, so why divide your supporters?

Date posted: 03 Sep 2019

Donors have started a revolution. Since 2016, they have changed the way they give, the charities they support and the information they need. At the same time, legacy prospect profiles have changed extensively in recent decades – there is now no such person as a “typical legator”.

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Fundraisers & Facebook: 5 creative tips for marketing your charity

Date posted: 18 Oct 2018

I can still hear the gasp that accompanied Facebook’s recent Newsfeed change, which saw the platform prioritise content from individuals over posts from brands. Whether it has directly affected fundraisers like you yet or not, one thing is certain: the days of organic reach on Facebook are numbered, so finding unique ways to tell your story on this

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