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The Fundraiser - Practical advice and insight for the charity sector

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Charity sector must prioritise legacy fundraising for future growth

Date posted: 18 Nov 2020

A recent report co-authored by Smee & Ford, Remember A Charity, the Institute of Legacy Management and Legacy Foresight, explores how vital legacy income has been in 2020 and emphasises how charities must collaborate to grow and normalise legacy giving.

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Small charity survival: lessons from the field

Date posted: 05 Dec 2019

In recent years, smaller charities have found themselves under increasing financial pressure. While they continue to provide vital services that help make a difference within their area of impact, small to medium-sized charities often focus so much on the delivery of these services, that too few resources are left to...

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6 ways to create a strong brand for your charity

Date posted: 08 Nov 2019

Creating a strong brand is an essential way to engage people with your organisation and communicate your values. In busy and under-resourced organisations it’s easy to put branding and marketing to the bottom of a to-do list and categorise them as ‘nice to have’ rather than crucial...

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The Oxfam debate: What is the price of transparency?

Date posted: 15 Mar 2018

Greater transparency improves accountability, which leads to better outcomes for all, but it particularly helps to hold those in power to account. Kate Sayer, Consultant at Sayer Vincent, explains why transparency champions should be treated differently to complacent organisations…

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