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The Fundraiser - Practical advice and insight for the charity sector

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Demotivated and under-resourced: 4 ways to lift your legacy team out of malaise

Date posted: 02 Nov 2018

Legacy Administrators can be left feeling demotivated at best and significantly under-resourced at worst. Adam West, Legacy and In Memory Manager, MS Society, and speaker at the Excellence in Legacy Administration conference 2018, reveals his top 4 tips towards combatting the key problem areas faced by legacy professionals...

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Fundraisers & Facebook: 5 creative tips for marketing your charity

Date posted: 18 Oct 2018

I can still hear the gasp that accompanied Facebook’s recent Newsfeed change, which saw the platform prioritise content from individuals over posts from brands. Whether it has directly affected fundraisers like you yet or not, one thing is certain: the days of organic reach on Facebook are numbered, so finding unique ways to tell your story on this

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