Help For Charities

How do I add a donate now button to my microsite?

You can add a donation link to your microsite ( at any time) so that supporters can donate directly to the donation facility of your choice.  To do this simply log in to your  administration area , click on the my microsite tab and then the donation link tab and paste in the url of the page you'd like to link to.

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Why can't I find my charity on the site?

If you have tried searching for your charity on the 'Find a Charity' page, but you don't appear in the listings, then it is likely we don't have you on our system. We list all charities registered on the charity commission for England & Wales, as well as a large number of exempt, Scottish and Northern Irish charities. If your charity falls into one of the latter categories, we will need to add you to our database to get you started. Please click here to fill in your charity details, and one of our editorial team will contact you over the next few days to verify the details.

If you have already completed the above process but still cannot find your charity, please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help. Telephone 020 7324 2365 or email

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How do I update my Charity Details?

If you'd like to change any of your charity's details or the categories you are listed under on the Charity Choice website all you need to do is log in to your account and follow the instructions on the screen. If you are not yet registered just click here to get started.

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Can I change my password?

Yes you can change your password at any time. Just log in to your administration area to update the information.

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Why can't I see the contact details of the people offering time and goods? 

You must be logged into your charity account when viewing the Goodwill offers page in order to gain full access to the listings. Click here to log in now. 

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Featured Events on the Charity Choice website are those that are not organised by charities themselves, like the London Marathon, for example.

When someone decides to fundraise for you charity through an Independent event, the event will automatically appear on your microsite's Events section for all your visitors to see. Anyone wishing to fundraise for you will be able to choose this event when they set up a fundraising page.

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How do I post my charity's own event?

Whether it's a 10k race, a coffee morning or a midnight walk, adding an event to the Charity Choice events calendar is easy.

If you are already registered with Charity Choice, click here to login. If you haven't yet signed up, it's easy to register and add your event to our calendar. Just click here to get started.

Once you have posted your event it will appear in our events calendar.

Please note this is where you add events that are being organised by your own charity only. If your charity is taking part in an event that is being organised by an external party – for example the London Marathon - fundraisers can pick the event from the Events homepage and choose to fundraise for your charity. This will automatically register the event on your microsite's Events section.

Did we answer your question? If not please feel free to get in touch with us. You can call us on 020 7324 2365, or email us at