The Fundraiser | Practical advice and insight for the charity sector.

The Fundraiser - Practical advice and insight for the charity sector

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How will coronavirus impact fundraising and what can you do to prepare?

Date posted: 19 Mar 2020

A couple of months ago, if you were asked what would have the biggest impact on the fundraising sector in 2020, you would probably have a very different answer. Coronavirus will have a significant impact on sectors across the board and fundraising will certainly not be exempt from that...

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4 ways to market a charity fundraiser without breaking the bank

Date posted: 07 Jan 2020

At the root of a non-profit is the passion for a cause that brings good into the world. To promote that cause, non-profits need effective fundraising. And for people to hear about a fundraiser, you need to market it. Yet with limited resources, funds, and staff, how can you promote your cause...

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Gaming for good how charities are finding fundraising success in the gaming industry

Date posted: 11 Dec 2019

In the UK there are around 40 million gamers contributing to an industry that accounts for over half of the UKs entire entertainment market. This makes gaming more profitable than the video and music industries combined...

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