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About Us

Our goal

Charity Choice provides the information that makes it easy to make a better charity decision. 

As the UK’s largest charity directory, we list over 160,000 charities on our mission to help people find charities and information about charities.

Charity Choice’s flexible search options mean you can find charities by browsing the charity sector using key words. When you find the perfect charity, you can obtain contact details, information on how charities spend their income, online donating services, information on ways to fundraise or volunteer, and you can download a free charity report.

Charity Choices' Free Reports are for people who would like to gain a little bit of extra knowledge before they decide which charity to help. They cover the top 10,000 UK charities by income, and are an easy way to get a bite-sized overview of how a charity spends its income. 

A brief history

Charity Choice has been in actively helping charities and their supporters online for over 15 years.  

We are one of the original online donation services. In 2005, we set up the non-profit Charity Choice Online Donation Service. Since its launch, over 4,000 charities have registered with us and received millions of pounds in donations. We now allow charities to link to a donation facility of their choice.

Charity Choice is part of Wilmington Plc, a company which publishes respected and trusted information on and for charities, as well as services across a number of other professions.  Wilmington Plc’s other brands include Charity Financials, Smee & Ford, The Fundraiser, and our range of printed Charity Choice directories.


Our knowledge of the charity sector across our brands means that Charity Choice has the benefit of being able to draw from over 100 years of experience.