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The Fundraiser - Practical advice and insight for the charity sector

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Gaming for good – how charities are finding fundraising success in the gaming industry

Date posted: 11 Dec 2019

In the UK there are around 40 million gamers contributing to an industry that accounts for over half of the UK’s entire entertainment market. This makes gaming more profitable than the video and music industries combined...

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Small charity survival: lessons from the field

Date posted: 05 Dec 2019

In recent years, smaller charities have found themselves under increasing financial pressure. While they continue to provide vital services that help make a difference within their area of impact, small to medium-sized charities often focus so much on the delivery of these services, that too few resources are left to...

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Four ways to use Facebook to boost your non-profit's fundraising efforts

Date posted: 12 Nov 2019

Since Facebook introduced their charitable giving tools in 2015, people worldwide have raised over $1 billion through Facebook fundraisers and donate buttons, and over 20 million people have either donated to or started a fundraiser on Facebook...

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6 affordable, eco-friendly merchandise ideas for your charity campaign

Date posted: 22 Oct 2019

Investing in quality merchandise can lead to a rise in product sales; in turn, your charity will incur a profit. But let’s be honest, merchandise can be pretty pricey and rarely is it environmentally-friendly. So, the million-dollar question is: how can you keep within budget, support sustainability and still generate some income from merchandise?

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4 ways to use Instagram to boost your non-profit’s fundraising efforts

Date posted: 01 Oct 2019

Just 30% of non-profits are currently using Instagram to raise money and awareness. With 1 billion users accessing the platform every month, 50% of those are scrolling through their feed each day, meaning there is a huge opportunity for charities to use the platform to reach potential donors…

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You don’t divide your friends, so why divide your supporters?

Date posted: 03 Sep 2019

Donors have started a revolution. Since 2016, they have changed the way they give, the charities they support and the information they need. At the same time, legacy prospect profiles have changed extensively in recent decades – there is now no such person as a “typical legator”.

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