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The Fundraiser - Practical advice and insight for the charity sector

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How will coronavirus impact fundraising and what can you do to prepare?

Date posted: 19 Mar 2020

A couple of months ago, if you were asked what would have the biggest impact on the fundraising sector in 2020, you would probably have a very different answer. Coronavirus will have a significant impact on sectors across the board and fundraising will certainly not be exempt from that...

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Gaming for good – how charities are finding fundraising success in the gaming industry

Date posted: 11 Dec 2019

In the UK there are around 40 million gamers contributing to an industry that accounts for over half of the UK’s entire entertainment market. This makes gaming more profitable than the video and music industries combined...

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Small charity survival: lessons from the field

Date posted: 05 Dec 2019

In recent years, smaller charities have found themselves under increasing financial pressure. While they continue to provide vital services that help make a difference within their area of impact, small to medium-sized charities often focus so much on the delivery of these services, that too few resources are left to...

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Supporter data hygiene: 6 tips to ensure your database stays in good shape

Date posted: 21 Nov 2019

There is nothing worse that finding out a charity communication has caused distress. We have all heard horror stories of mailings mistakenly sent out to a recently deceased file, or phone calls made to vulnerable people, but a more common issue is when a communication is sent to a previous occupier's old address and so never reaches its...

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10 things to consider in your welcome programme

Date posted: 05 Nov 2019

As fundraisers, we're always looking for the nirvana of low attrition and lifetime supporters. The long-term supporter journey is often talked about, but it's not always obvious how to map out a journey that includes strategic and tactical planning as well as appropriately personalised responses to your valuable newly recruited supporters...

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