Sponsored Article: How to make your funds go further

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Sponsored Article: How to make your funds go further


Ordering print for your organisation can be expensive and time consuming. Read on and discover the best ways to save time and money on your everyday essentials as well as promotional pieces.


The right print provides you with a two-pronged attack—official stationary to help inspire confidence in your organisation and impactful promotional print that helps you to boost donations, awareness and recruit more volunteers. So how do you make sure you’re getting what you need, without spending a fortune?  Here’s a run-down of the essentials for each aspect of your organisation and how you can find ways to save money, time and even earn back on them.


Every day, the easy way


Let’s start with the obvious: business cards, stationery, greeting cards and stickers. These are all staples that you know you’re going to be using daily, so it makes sense to order them in bulk to save money. Find a printer that offers lithographic or large quantity print jobs to get the best deal. Making sure that your team is able to hand out smart, branded business cards is paramount if you’re going to network and form partnerships. Similarly, sending out any correspondence on official letterheads gives a sense of credibility that is simply invaluable.

Another essential that can often be pricey are brochures for things like charity guides, end-of-year reports or auction guides. Going for the cheap option can often be tempting, but beware—cheap looking print, especially something so fundamental as a brochure, can tarnish the professional image of your organisation.


An affordable, time-saving method for getting your hands on every day essentials are to find a printer that offers them together in one bundle, like the business stationery packs available at online print destination, printed.com.


Shout it out without shelling out


Promotional print can be a huge cost to organisations that rely on donations to cover their expenses. This necessary evil doesn’t have to be a bad guy if you know how to cut costs cleverly. Smaller print products, like leaflets and flyers, postcards and posters will need refreshing and replacing for each promotion or event. It’s in your wallet’s best interests to print with a printer that uses digital presses so that they can offer you small quantities without charging you the earth for them.

Save money by creating larger one-offs, like banners and display boards, which can be reused at each event. Finding a high quality product is crucial and will mean your money goes further in the long-run. While you’re raking in the monetary savings, why not claim some time back too? Product collections, like this one are a great way to find all the pieces you need without having to hunt around the web. 


Digging out discounts and sniffing out savings


Printers may offer a discount to charities and charitable organisations, so it’s always worth asking and finding out whether there’s any extra help available for you. Online printers like printed.com offer all registered charities a 15% discount on all print orders as a means of supporting them.

printed.com also offer a useful reward scheme, so you can earn something back for the money you’re spending, which can be redeemed against free print or other useful treats. This particular printer also facilitates reward point donations by other customers, so you can enjoy a little boost every so often.

Start shopping smarter for those essential print pieces and enjoy funds that last longer and look healthier. 

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