Digital printed materials bring in 25% more responses than a digital alone

Digital printed materials bring in 25% more responses than a digital alone

Digital   printed materials bring in 25% more responses than a digital alone

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Everyone wants to bring in the most money possible for their charity, but which channels effectively convert donors?  In the third sector, the debate between direct mail and digital marketing seems to be never-ending. For the last 10 years, businesses and charities alike have been converting from print to digital. A complete abandonment of the trusted direct mailing could be detrimental to your charity and direct mail does not have to be in competition with digital, let’s think of them partners - ying and yang coming together for a harmonious and successful fundraising campaign.

Bringing in Donors

Digital marketing has many upsides: it is convenient, cost effective and immediate. Having a user friendly website and a strong social media presence is a must for any non-profit or charitable organisation. While a digital campaign affects your budget less and helps to communicate your message, direct mail brings in more money. An astonishing 79% of donations made to charities are a result of direct mail.

With the trend of everything from your favourite clothing store, to your pizza delivery service, to your veterinarian going online, it is easy to become oversaturated with online newsletters, coupons and advertisements. Everyone’s inboxes are overflowing. Most people delete or leave emails unread in a separate “Promotion” folder if they don’t immediately recognise or identify with it. A direct mailing, on the other hand, is tangible. The donor is more likely to take time to read your letter or postcard and comprehend your message. According to global management consulting firm, McKinsey Development, campaigns that combine digital and printed materials bring in 25% more responses than a digital campaign alone.

A partnership between print and digital can help you to bring in those donors. Your direct mailing should guide your donors to your website, where they can comfortably leave a donation online. 

Brain Activity

In recent years, there have been multiple studies done on the marketing power of digital and print methods, and the results may surprise you. One recent study, conducted by the Temple University neuroscience department, compares and contrasts how the brain of the consumer /donor interprets and comprehends print and digital media. Through taking MRIs of the brain, the researchers were able to monitor how the brain reacted and interacted with advertising material in print and digital forms. Furthermore, they were able to establish a correlation between printed tangible items and emotion.  Perhaps most interesting for businesses and charities alike: in comparison to the digital counterparts, print ads had a stronger reaction in the section of the brain associated with “purchase intent”, meaning printed ads inspire more of an urge to buy the product, or in the case of your charity, donate to your cause.

Your Trusted Printing Partner

Science clearly shows printed items are more impactful and memorable than digital advertising. While digital media has other advantages like: immediate access, convenience, as well as audio and video capabilities. Instead of making the complete transfer to all-digital campaign, it appears that a true partnership, taking advantage of both the impactful benefits of paper with the convenience and accessibility of digital media, maximise your fundraising capabilities.

The online printing service, SAXOPRINT, is proud to be the trusted printing partner of many non-profits and charity organisation. As a valued customer, they will assign you a personal printing expert from their customer service team to manage all of your printing orders. They understand how important high-quality printed items can affect your campaign.

To help you stay within your budget, they offer a large product range at very affordable prices. Additionally, new customers can use the Voucher Code: SXPCCFA516 for an extra 10% discount of their entire product range. This code is valid until July 31st, 2016.

As your trusted printing partner, SAXOPRINT, will help you to find the same harmonious partnership between your digital and printing campaigns.

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