How to to develop a mobile app for your charity

How to to develop a mobile app for your charity

With a jump in mobile phone use, many charities have developed their own apps over the last few years. Here is what you need to know to get started and develop your own charity app.

1. Find your developer

If this is all uncharted territory, talk to charities that have already got apps and can recommend providers.

2. Go for the widest access

You are better off with something that works in the mobile browser on all phones. iPhone has quite small share of market, Symbian (Nokia) and Android (Google) are much more popular globally.

3. Integrate

Your phone app must connect with your website and other fundraising channels as it is not an effective fundraising tool on its own. And make sure your other communication channels promote the app.

4. Make it fun

App content is not the same as web or print, and look at some of the consumer apps for ideas on how to make yours fun so donors enjoy using them. 

5. Work together

Consider working in partnership with other charities to get a better deal on your app. Look at Orange’s Do Some Good app for ideas. 


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This article first appeared in The Fundraiser, Issue 6, June 2011


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