Free Social Networking Isn't Just For Christmas

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Free Social Networking Isn't Just For Christmas

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Social media is a popular route for capturing public attention but exposure via shares and likes can often fade almost instantly, becoming lost in a tide of personal, gaming or anecdotal trivia. 

We believe that serious issues, and serious browsing, deserve a more structured platform and an enduring reference base but have lacked a serious alternative.  Until now.

TellTrail was conceived with the simple aim of providing a secure, structured and integrated  “one-stop” social media platform to support every requirement of no-nonsense communities across the globe and to foster a sense of community and social responsibility among its members.

We regard charities as an essential part of every community because they support and give voice to those less fortunate.   And so, true to our mission, we’ve been actively inviting all registered charities to use our facilities completely – and permanently – free of charge.

TellTrail is built on principles of quality and integrity that makes it a uniquely appropriate forum for a discerning public, the reputable organisations that serve them and any charity that seeks the support and attention of this elite demographic.

As our name might suggest, we rely on growth through the process of recommendation and referral and this is an underlying theme of the website.   Indeed, the long term security of our service depends on business subscriptions from those suppliers who are exclusively recommended and regularly reviewed by public membership.

First we need to get the ball rolling and we’re very grateful to those pioneering charities that have responded positively to our email campaign.  Some of those are already enjoying Google listing through their TellTrail entries and that’s a great start. 

But there’s still a vast untapped potential for cooperative support and growth; this new website is by no means a barren landscape but an immensely rich and fertile land of new networking opportunity. 

Through your participation and with only a few new introductions per charity or private member, the free memberships could very quickly build to a vibrant TellTrail community of over 500,000 users; an excellent audience for your message, your mission and your fundraising events.

This is a unique opportunity for growth in partnership and, as an added incentive for your participation, we’re offering a £500 cash donation for this season’s best TellTrail charity campaign!


Recruitment of new members through personal referral is fully supported and rewarded in TellTrail.  Comprehensive systems support home pages, highlight fundraising events and provide ample opportunity for community engagement and persuasive message placement through Blogs, Forums, Polls and more.

All free members are assured state of the art privacy controls, ad-free browsing, well organised content, genuine opportunities for prizes and commission earnings and relief from the frivolity inherent in other social media platforms. will grow at a pace that you can help accelerate.  We will remain committed to sponsoring those charities and non-profit organisations that put the humanity and richness into every community.  We trust that you believe in our mission so we hope you’ll invest a few minutes in joining our vision and add the seeds of your participation to the growing network that will help us help you to help others. 

This is our open invitation, and it will remain open, but it’s not too late to benefit through this Christmas season.

For your bespoke invitation simply register your interest by clicking here or on the banner below.


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