5 ways to get your charity into the news

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5 ways to get your charity into the news

Media coverage of a charity can have a huge impact on your fundraising; here is how to get your charity in the news.


1. Find the stories

The charitable sector lends itself perfectly to news stories because it is there to redress society’s imbalances. The media will always latch on to natural disasters, and war zones but they cover medical research and social surveys too – if your charity is linked to the story, make sure you release a response.


2. Stay regular

Working in partnership with local or national news organisations is a great way to get word of your cause out to the pub and attract some vital donations. But when you’re deciding how to approach the partnership don’t overlook ways of converting adhoc gifts to regular donations.


3. In the loop

Don’t regard social media and wider news media as two separate entities – they are both a way to communicate with a wider audience. Your PR should cater for sending messages out through your own channels as well as other’s, and that means keeping your social media sights up to date and visible to journalists.


4. Play it cool

It is true that as the risk of a double-dip recession becomes more palpable, donors might need extra encouragement to maintain their commitment to charities. However, news agenda’s do not suddenly change because your need has become greater. If you want to harness the media make sure your desperation doesn’t show and you stay relevant and on message.


5. Grab headlines

There is a polarisation in media coverage of charitable fundraising, either the story if ‘fun’ or it’s depicts a shocking need. Be smarter about the way to circulate news from your organisation. If the story is not overtly appealing, don’t be afraid to make it serious and tag it on to topical stories the press are already running.


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