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Date Posted: 20 Jun 2023

The BIG 3 + ME programme for ages 3 to 5

When schools opened again in March 2021 after lockdowns because of the pandemic, teachers told us that the social, emotional, communication and language skills for many of their very young pupils were well behind what was expected for their ages and this was hampering their learning and affecting their wellbeing.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) skills are considered fundamental for learning.  Studies consistently demonstrate that there is a higher prevalence of PSED needs in socially disadvantaged communities.  Supporting PSED skills is now a priority.

While our main programme THE BIG THINK for wellbeing and personal development is for ages 5 to 11, those with younger children asked what we could do for them.  

The Department for Education has reported that 'by the age of five, the attainment levels of children from disadvantaged backgrounds are, on average, four months behind their better off peers and such gaps can double by the end of primary schooling.'

We are now developing a mini PSED programme for ages 3 to 5 called THE BIG 3 AND ME.  Its engaging cuddly toy animals – a panda, a turtle and a puppy – will be central to children gaining the essential skills they need to be able to maximise their education opportunities very early in their lives. 


See more about THE BIG 3 + ME here.

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