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Date Posted: 17 Oct 2022

The Big Five learning pack for ages 5 to 11


Following the coronavirus pandemic and the learning recovery needed after widespread school closures, and now economic disturbance throughout the world and the climate crisis, teachers are weary – but THE BIG FIVE is an exciting pack of 10 learning modules for ages 5 to 11, lifting morale with a practical approach to transforming young lives through the power of education.  (

It is recognised that Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) drives wellbeing.


Values Education enables teachers to deliver a better-quality education because of how it helps to prioritise what is most valued in life.

THE BIG FIVE combines making good choices using uplifting values with SEL so that:

  • TRUTH & self-awareness – enables children to understand their emotions and express their feelings
  • PEACE & self-management – empowers children with inner strengths so they can cope well with daily challenges
  • LOVE & relationship skills – ensure children benefit from kind and supportive interactions
  • RESPONSIBILITY & responsible decision-making – teaches children about problem solving and being accountable for what they do
  • COMMUNITY & social awareness – helps children enjoy and celebrate the richness of everyone’s contributions to society

Please support us ..together we can make profound and lasting differences to children, giving them a great start to their education so that they can flourish, maximise their talents and interests and look forward to shaping the future in ways so they can lead happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.