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Helping children cope with Coronavirus anxieties

Date Posted: 19 May 2020

Prior to the Coronavirus lockdown, a shift was beginning to take place in the education sector as schools prepared to better balance the intense focus on academic outcomes with a more balanced curriculum that meant children and young people would be given regular opportunities to gain essential social and emotional life skills, thereby not only improving academic performance but wellbeing and ultimatley, life chances.

This holistic approach to children's learning has always been central to our work.

Our personal development and wellbeing programme, The Big Think, for ages 4 to 11, gives schools a structured, practical approach to enriching relationships throughout their school communitiy, and 88 lesson kits so children can progressively master essential social and emotional competencies.

During lockdown, we made available a free kit that enabled teachers and parents to support children with the anxieties and concerns they were experiencing.

On returning to school, children will also need support as they try to adjust to the realities of life and so we are preparing a set of 4 free kits to ease this challenging transition.

Please support our work, which gives teachers and others coaching and mentoring children, resources that develop their teaching practices so that they can effectively nurture their pupils' social, emotional and thinking capabilities, allowing the emerging generation to maximise their potential and learn how to lead happy, safe, fulfilling lives.