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Schools re-connecting in caring ways

Date Posted: 15 Jun 2020

Undoubtedly one of the amazing features of the lockdown has been the wonderful acts of care, compassion and courage shown by people everywhere.

As school communities come together again, teachers know that where they are with their curriculum will need sorting out but their first priority will be their pupils' emotional health and connecting again with the children but they also recognise this is likely to be in very different ways from what was happing in March 2020.

The Human Values Foundation has made the reunion of primary school communities easier with a free set of 4 'Circles of CARE' with the the themes of C - Community, A - Appreciation, R - Resilience and E - Empathy. See

This mini programme gives children opportunities to share their feelings, listen to one another, look out for each other and be supportive during the coming weeks and months.

YOUR DONATION will enable us to continue to provide schools with values-themed educational resources that develop qualities in children so they can enjoy living in harmony with others and our precious environment.