CGD Society

Caring for families affected by CGD and funding world-class research

Registered Charity Number: 1143049

'You have to be on your guard all the time .. you never know what's going to happen next. ..... One minute he's alright and the next ....'

Mother of a child affected by CGD

The CGD Society is the only UK charity dedicated to helping individuals and families affected by chronic granulomatous disorder.  People with CGD are unable to 'fight off' certain bacterial and fungal infections.  Constant medication is required to keep infections at bay but serious problems can still arise, resulting in long periods in hospital and life-threatening illnesses. 

Life is unpredictable as infections can enter the body through breaks in the skin, such as cuts or blisters or by inhaling harmful spores.  Everyday things such as grass cuttings, old carpet, dust and damp plasterwork can harbour potentially dangerous fungal spores causing pneumonias and severe respiratory problems.

Please help us make a practical difference to families now!

Large or small, your donation could:

  • allow a parentand child/CGD affected person more time with a specialist nurse
  • enable increased access to the psychology support team
  • extend the informal support network and social activity, reducing the sense of isolation felt by many individuals and families
  • help us fund research to lead to improved treatments and a cure.

Thank you.

Contact Us

CGD Society 199A Victoria Station

Phone: 0800 987 8988


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