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Slimming World & Cancer Research UK raise £2.1 million with unwanted clothes

Slimming World & Cancer Research UK raise £2.1 million with unwanted clothes

Slimming World have been encouraging their slimmer’s to donate bags of clothes, shoes and accessories that they have ‘slimmed out of’ to local Cancer Research UK shops as part of their annual ‘The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw’.

Since starting the campaign in 2013, the Clothes Throw campaign has raised over £5.8 million, with this year’s campaign seeing a staggering 80,000 bags donated.

Slimming World’s Marketing Co-ordinator, Johanna Mather, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have broken the £2 million barrier this year. Not only is the Clothes Throw a perfect opportunity for Slimming World members to celebrate their slimming success and the fact they’ll never need their ‘before’ clothes again, it is also vital to spread the message that keeping a healthy weight could reduce the risk of developing ten different types of cancer – raising awareness of this fact is a key aim of the partnership overall.

“As an organisation that cares, we’re determined to do everything we can to help people lead healthier lives. We’re focused on spreading the word throughout local communities and supporting members to lose weight through long-term, healthy lifestyle changes and becoming more active. And we’re all hugely committed to supporting the work of Cancer Research UK to help beat cancer sooner. Having such a dedicated and engaged group of members and Consultants makes it all so much easier to achieve.”

Zoe Dean, from Cancer Research UK said: “We’re really grateful to all the Slimming World members across the UK who have cleared out their cupboards and generously donated the clothes they no longer need. The partnership raises vital funds for life-saving research, as well as helping to increase awareness of the link between obesity and cancer. The Big Slimming World Clothes Throw has once again been a huge success and we are very grateful for Slimming World’s continued support.”

Slimming World and Cancer Research UK have been working in partnerships on a range of campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the links between losing weight and reducing the risk of developing some types of cancer. As well as the Clothes Throw, Slimming World encourages members to take on their own Race for Life events

For more details on the partnership please click here.