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Five Ways to Keep Warm on Bonfire Night



Guy Fawkes night is officially the 5th of November, but most of us will be watching fireworks in parks around the UK a few days earlier on Saturday the 2nd. Now that the weather has turned truly chilly, we'll all need to rug up well while standing around in the crisp nighttime air - here are our top tips for keeping warm on Bonfire Night. 


1. Hot coffee will do in a pinch, but to really warm yourself from the inside, nothing does the trick like a hearty soup. Pour hot soup into a flask and serve in enamel mugs - no cutlery needed!

2. Dress up warm, with a beanie, gloves, scarf and woolly socks. And don't forget your coat - October is jacket weather, but by November, it is time to break out the proper winter wrappings.

3. Still a bit chilly? Take a rug and wrap it round your shoulders. For optimum effect, it is always cosiest to share it with someone.

4. Don't stop moving. Standing still for long periods can really make the cold set in, so keep stomping your feet, rubbing your arms, and moving about. If you are feeling enthusiastic you could even start a conga line...

5. A super secret tip for staying toasty is to slip a hand warmer into your pockets before leaving the house. Just pop in the microwave for the necessary amount of time and you are ready to go. Don't tell anyone your secret though, or you'll find it being passed from person to person, while your pockets will be cold and bare!


We've browsed a few of our favourite online charity shops to give you some more ideas on how to keep warm this Bonfire Night. Have fun, and if you are a pet owner don't forget to also read the RSPCA's guide to keeping animals safe on Guy Fawke's Night!

RSPB hand warmer.jpg

A hand warmer will keep your fingers snug in your pockets. Robin hand warmer from RSPB


Amnesty International charity socks.jpg

Thick socks to keep tootsies toasty. These knitted socks are 100% wool, from Amnesty International


Friends of the Earth tin mug.jpg

Bring a flask of something warming, and pour into a non-breakable tin mug. Red enamel mug from Friends of the Earth shop.


RNLI port and starboard gloves.jpg

Keep your hands warm (and protected from sparklers) with a pair of gloves. Port and Starboard gloves from RNLI shop


British Library lip balm.jpg

A night out in the cold can chap lips quickly, so make sure you have a nice lip balm to hand like this D.R. Harris lip balm from The British Library