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Forget Halloween – let’s talk about Lupus Awareness Month

Forget Halloween – let’s talk about Lupus Awareness Month

As we greet October, the arrival of autumn and the excitement of Halloween take the stage. But October is also home to Lupus Awareness Month. So what is lupus? Lupus is an incurable immune system illness that mainly affects females. Known as the ‘invisible disease’, it can produce symptoms that doctors often fail to recognise. This makes Lupus Awareness Month crucial in raising its profile within and outside the charity sector.

What are the symptoms?

Joint and muscle pain are the two major symptoms to look out for, followed by an extreme tiredness that just won't go away no matter how much you rest. Find out more on the symptoms here.

How can you support in October?

Focusing on the theme of invisibility, Lupus UK have created a campaign to cover the month, with the aim of stamping out the “but you don’t look sick” phrase that lupus sufferers tackle far too often. They plan on making the invisible visible. This is demonstrated in a hard-hitting image designed by the charity and made available for you to download as a poster here. Have you been the victim of abuse from people who did not realise that you were unwell? Have you struggled to get people to understand how much you are affected by your lupus? Let them know on social media using #THISISLUPUS.

If your favourite colour is purple, then you’re in luck. Wear purple for a day to join the fight against lupus. Extra points for spreading the word and making your workplace/school/gathering as eye-wateringly purple as possible. Make this a day to remember by ordering some free supplies from Lupus UK to decorate.

Do you love the idea of a coffee morning but fancy something a little stronger? Lupus UK are encouraging you to lunch4lupus. This means you can raise a shed load of money for the charity, whilst gorging on anything from a BBQ to a cheese and wine night. Find out more here.

Looking for a lupus charity?

Explore Charity Choice and find an option that suits you.