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Battersea rescue dogs hold a right royal Windsor street party

Battersea rescue dogs hold a right royal Windsor street party

Flags flying, tea flowing and tails wagging, Battersea’s dogs were the guests of honour at a special street party in Windsor to celebrate last weekend’s royal wedding.

Dogs and staff gathered just a stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle at Battersea’s Old Windsor centre to mark the impending nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

One of the VIPs was Tyson, a ten-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who’s been at Battersea Old Windsor for over 80 days and is looking for a home to call his own.

Tyson, who wore his best Union Jack bow tie for the occasion, was centre of attention and was showing off his party tricks to the other guests – including paw, sit, stay and roll over.

Also at the party was Loki, a two-year-old Lurcher, and Bertie, a three-year-old Greyhound. While Loki was running rings round the other guests, trying to get everyone excited, Bertie took a more laid-back approach and proved himself to be a perfect gentleman.

They were joined by Hope, a fun-loving and friendly eight-year-old Mongrel whose bubbly nature meant she soon became a firm favourite with all the guests.

Some ex-Battersea dogs also returned to the centre for the occasion to join in the fun.

Battersea Old Windsor’s Centre Manager Kaye Mughal said: “We’re so close to the action here at Battersea Old Windsor and we’re all very excited.

“Kensington Palace have been encouraging people to celebrate the wedding with street parties, and we didn’t want our dogs to miss out – so we decided to hold one for them while they wait to find their new family. We have so many dogs here who are looking for homes, and they’re hoping Meghan and Harry’s luck will rub off on them and help them find their soulmates.”

If you can offer Tyson, Loki, Bertie or Hope a home, please contact Battersea Old Windsor at or call 01784 494 443.