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Stuff Your Face (And Raise Money) On Pancake Day 2017

How do you eat yours? Lemon and sugar, Nutella, strawberries and cream… or maple syrup running all over the place? That’s right! It’s time to start dreaming of Pancake day 2017!


Why not fill your tummies while holding a fundraising pancake party for Cardiomyopathy Association, or master the art of flipping while taking part in a pancake race?

The Great Pancake Party is a national fundraising event for Cardiomyopathy Association, with over 200 events going on all over the country, from town halls to home kitchens. It can be as big or small as you like, and there is still time to join in!

We think a great way to get involved with the day is to head down to one of the pancake races. Here are a couple with the Charity Choice tick of approval:

If none of these take your fancy then why not hold your own pancake party at home, invite some mates round, and raise some money for a charity of your choice – talk about guilt-free gorging! You can have a look for a charity on our extensive list.

Need some ideas for holding a pancake party at home? You could make chocolate flavoured pancakes, create a giant checkers game using pancakes, make pancake art using different coloured batter, run a contest for the most interesting pancake shape, or the highest stack, or most creative flavour combination... or just enjoy tucking into traditional pancakes with lemon and sugar while helping a great cause!


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