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Evidence based advice for controlling rodents

It is often necessary to control rodents for a variety of reasons from averting disease in humans and animals to preventing loss or damage to crops and property. Please help us spread the message about how to do this in the most humane way.

All methods have an impact on welfare. Choosing the most humane is crucial to minimise pain, fear or distress, but it is often difficult to know which are most welfare-friendly. For example, inhumane glue traps can be freely bought and used, anti-coagulant rodenticides which may cause severe pain and suffering for days are also widely used. Break-back traps are unregulated in the UK. Even live-trapping animals and releasing them has potentially serious welfare consequences.

We are often asked for our advice about the best way of dealing with rodent infestations. A new study, part-funded by UFAW, has rated the welfare impacts of various methods for controlling rats.  We would like to update our existing guidance with this and other new information and distribute it widely, enabling people to make informed decisions about the most humane method they can use. Your support will help us make this vital welfare information as widely available as possible. Thank You.

You can donate by completing the form overleaf and returning it to us at the address shown or online at: ufaw.org.uk/springappeal2021 

If we receive more than the amount required for this appeal, UFAW will use the additional funds for other initiatives.