Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW)

Science in the service of animal welfare

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The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) is an international, independent scientific and educational animal welfare charity. Our vision is a world where the welfare of all animals affected by humans is maximised through a scientific understanding of their needs and how to meet them.

We promote an evidence-based approach to animal welfare by funding scientific research, supporting the careers of animal welfare scientists globally, and by disseminating animal welfare science knowledge both to experts and the wider public such as the examples below:

  • Funding a novel research project aiming to reduce the number of animals used in biomedical research.
  • Co-funding research to identify the most humane way to control ‘pest’ rats and mice. Based on the outcome of this project, we have updated our advice and guidance and subsequently, glue traps will be banned for public use in both England and Wales.
  • Running a mentoring scheme to support young animal welfare researchers in the Global South where animal welfare expertise is most needed.

How you can help UFAW
UFAW’s work relies on the support of members, supporters and donors. Please help us to support Science in the Service of Animal Welfare by donating or becoming a member of UFAW.

Leaving a legacy
Leaving a legacy to UFAW is a meaningful way to support our ongoing work in advancing animal welfare science. By making a provision in your Will, you can leave a lasting impact and help us to continue to improve animal welfare globally.
We understand that making a Will and considering your legacy is a sensitive and personal matter, but we would be grateful if you would consider including UFAW in your plans. The importance of legacies to the continued existence of UFAW cannot be over-emphasised. Your support will help us to make even bigger strides in animal welfare science. Thank you for your consideration.

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