St Luke’s For Clergy Wellbeing

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St Luke's For Clergy Wellbeing, provides psychological health care services to Anglican clergy, their spouses and children up to the age of 18. and their immediate families.

For those who are outside the immediate clergy circle, it can be difficult to understand why the clergy and their families need support. Clergy are on the front-line, the un-sung heroes of their communities. They set up youth activities, help at food banks, visit hospitals, care homes, prisons etc. They check in on the lonely, the elderly - anyone who may need more support. They also have unannounced visitors arriving at the church and their homes – the poor, the homeless, people with addictions, mental health problems etc.

They celebrate the best of times and sit alongside those who are experiencing the darkest of times. The list is endless, varied and exhausting. The role is a far cry from 9 – 5.

Although un-sung heroes, they are not super heroes. Often the public, as well as the clergy themselves, place a high expectation of being ever-present to everyone on their shoulders. This level of pressure can come at a cost. More clergy than ever are reporting feelings of exhaustion, stress, loneliness and anxiety.

St Luke’s is one hand to provide one-to-one therapy, as well as a myriad of resources to help clergy and their families, protect themselves from ‘bad’ stress and ultimately, burnout.

Our communities will be ‘less’ without the clergy. Please donate to our work so we can continue to support clergy and their families when their hour of need comes.

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