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SongBird Survival (SBS) is an independent UK-wide charity which funds research into the alarming decline of Britain’s much loved songbirds.

With your support we hope to raise awareness of the plight of song and other small birds, research the causes of their decline, and promote solutions to restore songbird numbers.


The alarming figures...some of the many species in rapid decline-

Willow Tit down 91% 

Tree Sparrow down 96%

Tree Pipit down 86%

Linnet down 71%

Skylark down 63%

There has been a crash in our rural and urban songbird population over the last 50 years.

Whether you live in a city, a leafy suburb, or out in the country, you will be aware that the dawn chorus is but a whisper of what it used to be as the songbird population has declined in almost all areas.

Wild birds are bio-indicators, meaning that their numbers are a good reflection of the health of wildlife in the wider countryside. This rapid decline in songbird numbers shows that our wildlife, as a whole, is suffering.

The reasons for songbird decline divide opinion. Only detailed scientific study will help us to understand what’s really going on. For many years, songbird declines have been blamed on modern farming techniques and loss of habitat. At SongBird Survival, we believe that there is more to the story.

SongBird Survival was created in 2003 to commission and fund high quality scientific research to fill in the evidence gaps and help to save the dawn chorus for future generations to enjoy.  

Your gift is vital to fund our expanding research and education program and to continue the fight to save our songbirds.


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