Essex Wildlife Trust

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Colchester, Essex

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Essex Wildlife Trust is the county’s leading conservation charity. It has more than 37,000 members, manages and protects over 8,400 acres of land on 87 nature reserves, 2 nature parks and runs 11 visitor centres. The aim of Essex Wildlife Trust is to Protect Wildlife for the Future and for the people of Essex. 
It is supported financially by members, local businesses, grant making organisations and gift in Wills. It is one of the largest of the 46 county wildlife trusts that work together throughout the British Isles as The Wildlife Trusts.

Who we are
Essex Wildlife Trust was established in 1959 and has grown from strength to strength, always striving to protect wildlife for the future and for the people of Essex.
Essex Wildlife Trust has a Board of Trustees that consists of 13 members, all of whom are unpaid volunteers and is responsible for the overall governance and direction of the Trust, whereas operational management of the Trust is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managers of the Trust.

What we do
Essex Wildlife Trust is a local wildlife charity and is proud of its achievements over the past sixty years. We could not have done this, however, without our amazing supporters, especially volunteers and those who had left a gift in their Will.
Over these years, we have created and restored spectacular saltmarsh and freshwater wetlands, of national importance for wildfowl and waders; we have reconnected wildlife habitats and made them more resilient; we have managed ancient woodlands to ensure that they continue to be carpeted in Oxlips, Orchids and English Bluebells, a wonderful sight to behold. As a result of this work, species can move through the landscape more easily and thrive long into the future.
We have worked with many local communities over the years to create wildlife habitats.  Not all our work is on the land. We also work to protect and encourage species like the water vole and otter to thrive in the plethora of rivers that flow into our sea. We have always worked to help secure protected areas at sea: making fishing sustainable; eliminating pollution; and inspiring and connecting people to the sea.

If, like us, you appreciate wildlife and the work that we do, then what better way to protect wildlife conservation in Essex by leaving a gift in your Will to Essex Wildlife Trust. Sadly, we do not know how long each of us have on the planet, but we do know that each day is precious, that we should make the most of our time and to try to make a difference. You will never have this day again so make it count. Please help us to nurture nature forever with a gift in your Will today.

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