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Registered Charity Number: 214779 , SC009359

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The Salvation Army is an international Christian church and charity, and we seek to put our belief into action through social welfare provision. In the UK, we are one of the largest, most diverse providers of social services after the Government. We are passionate about the life changing work we do now, and our ambition is to be able to do even more.


By including a gift to The Salvation Army in your Will you can support our caring mission long into the future, helping us to continue serving the community and fighting for social justice.


We care for many thousands of people in need. Homeless people, older people, children and families, prisoners, people struggling with addictions, the emergency services, HM Forces – anyone who needs us can turn to us for care, compassion and practical support.


The Salvation Army has more than 600 local centres and churches, which make a powerful difference to many people in local communities who might otherwise feel excluded or face loneliness and isolation.


Please consider leaving a gift in your Will to The Salvation Army. You’ll be helping to keep us where we’re needed most in years to come.

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