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Fox hunting in Scotland - Campaign update

Date Posted: 10 Nov 2015

Last month we asked you to support our campaign to close the loopholes in the law that allow fox hunting to continue in Scotland.

One and a half thousand emails have been sent to the Minister responsible, Dr Aileen McLeod MSP, and we’ve had some great coverage in the media too, such as this article in the Herald.

In a letter to OneKind, Aileen McLeod has confirmed that there will be a serious review of the legislation:

“That review will examine whether it is providing the necessary protection for foxes and other wild mammals, while at the same time allowing effective and humane control of these animals where necessary. Should the review conclude that changes to the legislation are required we will aim to consult and bring forward new legislation after May 2016”

So, a step forward but nothing has been decided yet – not even putting our ban on a level footing with England and Wales. This means it’s all to play for, but nothing is going to happen anytime soon. First a review, then a consultation, then (we hope!) the legislative process. No foxes will be saved this hunting season, but, by next year, who knows?

Thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign so far. Together, we are making progress! If you haven’t already done so, you can send a message to the Scottish Government here. And there will be plenty more opportunities to help make sure this delivers what it should have done in the first place: a complete ban on fox hunting.