Children’s Cancer North

Registered Charity Number: 1189748
Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

We all know someone who has cancer. DID YOU KNOW CANCER CAN AFFECT CHILDREN?

Unfortunately cancer and leukaemia are diseases which claim the largest toll on children’s lives; treatment can be lengthy, arduous and frightening for little children and their parents.

NORTH OF ENGLAND CHILDREN’S CANCER RESEARCH FUND was formed 28 years ago and focuses on what parents want most…research to find a cure. Recent research has achieved massive strides resulting in over 70% of children being successfully cured. The elusive 30% of children still awaiting a cure suffer pain and misery.

NECCR currently fund 16 research staff in a newly equipped research centre in Newcastle upon Tyne University and is now Europe’s premier research site.

We desperately need your help to fund research to find a cure for that 30% and make treatment more effective and less invasive.

PLEASE make NECCR your charity choice – the rewards are PRICELESS!


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