Livingstone Tanzania Trust

Registered Charity Number: 1119612

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The Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) is a grass roots development charity that helps people to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

By focusing on education and enterprise we are able to develop, with the community, simple, small scale development programmes that bring about real change and can be easily adapted for other communities. 

Since 2007 we have been listening, discussing and partnering with local organisations to help people develop the skills they need to build sustainable improvements to their way of life – the impacts have been dramatic.


LTT works in partnership with local schools to create well resourced, inspirational schools where teachers and students engage in income generating activities that help maintain the school's infrastructure. 


LTT works with those community members who want to participate in the alleviation of their poverty. Together we develop business and agricultural skills, which when combined with small loans, provide the hand up that is needed for the members to combat their poverty, overcome their hardships and live a longer, healthier life. We strongly believe that a person cannot be developed, they must develop themselves. By following this belief we ensure that pride and dignity are intact and dependency is not created.

Thank you for your support.