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Values Education Improving Children's Wellbeing

Date posted: 30 May 2017

There is growing concern about the state of many children's mental and physical health and schools' intense focus on test and exam outcomes.

The good news is that our holistic VALUES EDUCATION programmes help with tackling this issue.

Good values education, as an integral part of a school’s curriculum, has a ripple effect that is shown to improve not only the wellbeing of everyone making up the school community but also the academic achievement of its young citizens, because the conscious use of well-chosen values:

  • enhances the school's culture, motivating everyone to strive for excellence
  • creates an environment that makes both teaching and learning more effective
  • improves behaviour as learners are motivated to do and be their best
  • develops meaningful, respectful, trusting, caring relationships
  • supports personal development so pupils, staff and parents are all gaining positive qualities
  • builds a strong sense of collaboration and community cohesion.

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