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Education is coming alive!

Date Posted: 15 Dec 2019

A very welcome paradigm shift is now taking place in our schools with a move towards EDUCATION-FOR-LIFE ... and we provide RESOURCES TO ACHIEVE THIS so that children can lay down solid foundations.

The intense focus on schools' academic results and concern about the state of the mental and physical health of many of our young citizens, along with global issues, means teachers are now desparately seeking materials to better equip all children for life.

Our new programme called THE BIG THINK ( is proving increasingly popular because it progressively empowers children aged 4 to 11 with essential social and emotional skills and the capacity to use positive values to guide their thinking, choices and actions so that, whatever their academic abilities, they can lead happy, healthy lives and fulfil their true potential.

PLEASE DONATE to the Human Values Foundation ... every donation will help us to go on supplying teachers with innovative, holistic programmes and training that enable today's schoolchildren to thrive and gain the skills and knowledge they need to manage well all the challenges and opportunities they are facing now and will face as the future unfolds. THANK YOU.