Damilola Taylor Trust

Each day we strive to keep his dream alive

Registered Charity Number: 1087597

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"It has been over ten years since my dear son died. For much of that time I have felt grief. Now more than ever, I want our son's death to mean hope, life and opportunity for Britain's downtrodden and underprivileged youth. Damilola lost his life because of enormous problems in this society.

Unfortunately these problems have not been resolved and too many other lives have been lost and families tortured by losing their young. Our son wanted to be a doctor. He was a leader and we are sure he would have been extraordinary. All young people should be aloud to reach out to touch their dreams and of the other young people lost to their families and local communities I am sure that many would have been great people in later life if they had been given the opportunity.

We set the Trust up as a memorial to our son so that it might lead to his legacy being one of positive change in inner city communities.

Now more than ever these changes are required so that the young people in these communities can live their lives free of fear and violence with renewed optimism in the future where options and opportunity can be made available to them. This is our vision and while we may not be able to defend the entire world as our son dreamed of doing perhaps if we can defend the young people of these communities then our quest will be a worthy one.

We are deeply grateful to all those who have supported us in our quest and continue to do so.