Christian Hope International

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Romford, Essex

"I salute you" says Bridget in P.4

Date Posted: 24 Oct 2018

Studying under the trees sounds great fun in the warm weather, but once the rains arrive it is virtually impossible for the outdoor classrooms to be successful.  With this in mind the elderly population of Begonvu decided that they should build a school for their youngsters.  They cleared the space and made over 20,000 bricks which they built up to roof height.  Funding was then a problem, we all prayed for a solution and asked our supporters to pray and maybe, if they could, fund a roofing sheet.  The response was overwhelming and now the school has a roof and is fairly waterproof - windows and doors are still on the to do list, but the structure is solid and can now withstand the rains which are arriving. 

They tell us they are the 'talk of the district' with their shiny red roofed school!