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Rashida is 13 years old - UPDATE

Date Posted: 25 Sep 2018


“Rashida is 13 years old.  Her father had abandoned the family 6 years ago, when this happened the mother lost heart a little and left her children with their Grandmother.   Rashida was desperate to go to school but they were too poor.  A friend offered to pay the fees in return for her living/working with them as a housekeeper and Rashida went back to school – she has worked hard and moved up classes quickly.  She wants to be a doctor when she is old enough.   Sadly the friend could no longer support Rashida and sent her home.  At home her mother decided the best thing was to marry her off – at 13.  Rashida did not want this, and ran away to the Headmaster for help.  He has given her a space in the dormitory for now but really the school has no spare funds to support her and pay her ongoing fees.  We will send some funds to the school to finance Rashida’s initial needs but long term Rashida needs a sponsor.

Imagine that your daughter has had to run to the Headmaster of her school for protection, from you?  This is exactly what Rashida had done.  Imagine your only way to support your 13 year old daughter was to marry her off.  

Please share this post – Rashida has worked so hard to stay in school – we really hope someone will feel called to support her to finish her education.   Let’s work together to find a sponsor for Rashida.

Thank you so very, very much, on behalf of Pastor Patrick, the Headmaster of Kijjabwemi School and of Rashida.