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On yer bike!

Date Posted: 06 Nov 2018

Despite the funds being available, the local stockist of bicyles for Kibungo in Rwanda had no bikes available.  An order was placed, and the praying began.

Our prayers were answered, when, on 29 October, 5 boxes arrived at the Diocesan Office.  Technicians quickly assembled the bikes, which were then presented to one pastor and 4 lay readers for the remote parishes in the Kibungo Diocese.

These bikes, in the land of 1000 hills, are greatly appreciated, as these testimonies show...

Quotes from very happy community pastors

"We used to spend 3 hours to visit our remote chapels and Christians, now it will only take us half an hour. We are really blessed and our work will be made easy and our ministry will be more effective."

"God is good. Please convey our appreciation to CHI. Do you know what it is to travel 10 miles under the heat of tropical sunshine!!! "

"I promise to take care of my bicycle and keep it in good order so that it will last longer, it will help me make afternoon visits, without making long walks, or incurring transport expenses."

These bikes were funded by sponsorship raised by Andy Saville and Jack Klunder for their cycle rides earlier this year.

Let us pray that more supplies become available soon so that more pastors and lay readers are able to visit further afield with more ease.