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New shoes

Date Posted: 05 Oct 2015

The social impact of what we do in the Namatala slum is quick-hitting… one of the first benefits for a child starting at our school is to receive a pair of new shoes – probably the first pair of shoes he’s ever had.

Most kids in the slum normally wander around bare-footed and they pick up nasty ‘jiggers’ – the chigoe flea that bores into their feet, producing an inflammatory skin disease calledtungiasis. This can lead to tetanus and gangrene if not dealt with. 

So shoes are a terrific benefit, helping to prevent this and other foot injuries. And they help our school nurse, because then she doesn’t have to pull jiggers out of feet every day!

If you'd like to buy five children a pair of shoes each, which costs just £5, please click here!