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Vegan tips, tricks and health benefits

Vegan tips, tricks and health benefits

Popularity for veganism has soared over the last few years. Whether this is down to greater knowledge surrounding its health benefits or that it has simply become a trend in its own right, there can be no denying its surge in status...

Vegans do not eat animal products, including honey, eggs, gelatin, or dairy. They will not use clothes, soaps, or other products that are animal-sourced in any way. A vegan diet can be a highly nutritious choice, as it is low in saturated fat and rich in nutrients. However, starting out on an animal-free diet without proper planning can lead to some health risks.


  • The vegan diet contains only plant-based foods
  • Tofu, tempeh, and mushrooms are three of the many alternatives than can provide the nutrients found in meat
  • A vegan diet can help to protect bone and heart health, and lower the risk of cancer
  • Supplements are recommended to replace levels of certain nutrients that are found in meat, such as vitamin B-12.

Health benefits

A vegan diet can have an extremely positive impact on health. It is possible for a purely plant-based diet to provide the key nutrients for health, and it also eliminates the risk of consuming any potentially harmful animal fats. All protein, vitamins, and minerals must come from non-animal sources, so food choice and preparation are important.

With the vegan movement being driven by the young (close to half of all vegans are aged 15-34 (42%), compared with just 14% who are over 65), is this just a phase or the basis of our future food source? Only time will tell.

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