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RSPCA celebrates World Animal Day

RSPCA celebrates World Animal Day

The RSPCA has over 7,000 animals in its care, ranging from domestic pets like cats and dogs to exotic snakes and lizards, to native wildlife and birds who find themselves a very long way from home.

To celebrate World Animal Day on 4th October, they created a map featuring just some of the dozens of destinations our animals originate from.

rspca map.jpg

The RSPCA deal with wide range of species from dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, rodents, exotics and birds from every corner of the globe including German shepherd and Chinese crested dogs, Burmese or Siamese cats, and even Himalayan and Netherland dwarf rabbits.

“We are a nation of animal lovers but the animals we love don’t just come from all over the UK, but from all over the world. We are the oldest and largest animal welfare organisation in the country but we are also the only one which helps all creatures great and small - from farm animals and equines, to pet dogs, cats, rabbits and little furries, to pet birds and exotics.” RSPCA assistant director of field operations, Dermot Murphy.

The animal welfare charity are always looking for people to rehome an animal that has ended up in their care and their Find a Pet service can match you with the perfect pet as well as providing support and advice.

Their animals come from a range of more than 36 countries from mystic rainforests of Madagascar to the frozen plains of Russia. So if you're inspired on World Animal Day to get to know a new species or can help an animal in need find out more and the conversation #WorldAnimalDay #findeachother