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20 DIY Christmas jumper ideas

xmasjumper ss.jpg

Want to jazz up an old sweater for Christmas Jumper Day?

If you don't want to buy anything new but still want to take part in Christmas Jumper Day, we have some crafty (and cheap!) DIY ideas to transform an old top and make your ugly Christmas jumper sparkle! 


1. Wrap tinsel around your jumper for quick and easy glitz

2. Tie a huge ribbon around your waist and turn yourself into a Christmas present

3. Do you have a wreath hanging on your front door? Borrow it for one day and wear it on the front of your jumper - just attach a piece of wool or tinsel to hang around your neck. Just make sure the wreath isn't too heavy!

4. Cut some snowflakes out of paper and attach them to the front of your jumper. You can find loads of instructions just by searching for 'paper snowflake patterns'.

5. Attach candy canes or gold coins to the front of your jumper. You can give them out to people in the office or at your Christmas Jumper party when they make a donation.

6. If you have a plain old jumper or long sleeved tee you don't mind altering, the quickest way to make it Christmassy is to grab a felt tip of paint brush and write a festive message on the front. Simple!

7. Stick Christmas wrapping bows to the front of your jumper... and once the day is over, use them again on your presents! 

8. Hang a Christmas stocking over your jumper. To make it even more fun, you could have a toy sticking out of the top.

9. For an elegant Christmas jumper, pin on some holly like a brooch. You could also do this on your coat!

10. Cut out a star shape from shiny tinfoil and pin to the front of your jumper.

11. Attach some bells to your jumper and jingle all the way!

12. If you have any felt or coloured fabric scraps, cut out simple Christmas shapes to sew to your jumper. Think of Christmas trees, stars, presents, puddings, crackers, bells or candles.

13. Attach Christmas tree baubles.

14. Drape over some battery powered fairy lights.

15. Do you have a plain blue jumper? Add some gold star stickers for a twinkling Christmas night scene!

16. Red jumper? Add white tinsel to the neck and cuffs for some Santa chic.

17. White jumper? Add an orange triangle for a carrot nose and black spots for eyes and mouth for a snowman jumper.

18. Green jumper? Add some decorations and wear a star on top of your head like a Christmas tree.

19. Another green jumper idea is to wear a necklace made of pinecones and attach cotton wool balls for snow.

20. Make a massive Christmas card to stick to your front and ask everyone to sign it with a festive message.