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Children in the UK aren’t school ready by aged 5

Children in the UK aren’t school ready by aged 5

1 in 3 children in England aren’t ready for school by age 5*.

In a recent survey**by Action for Children found that 70% of people believe children should be ready to start school by age 5 and they agreed with evidence that suggests a good level of emotional, behavioural and physical development by age five is associated with success in education and better employment prospects.

Action for Children have recently launched their ‘Fair by Five’ campaign which calls on the Government to make child development a national priority and help families overcome barriers that keep children back. The most deprived areas of the UK are often hardest hit with the most disadvantaged children. Action for Children is committed to making sure every child has the love, support and opportunity to reach their potential.

Chloe Hardy, Head of Campaigns and Public Affairs at Action for Children, said:

“What happens in the earliest years affects our later lives. If a child starts school behind their peers, without having reached a good level of development, they are likely to stay behind – which can seriously impact their ability to do well in education and employment throughout life. We know that two in five children who live in the most deprived communities, arrive at school not ready to learn. There has never been a more important time to focus on tomorrow’s adults. We can’t afford to let down thousands of children who could and should be getting a better start in life. We need the Government, and all political parties, to commit to doing more for this group. It’s time to close the gap in child development.”                           

Find out more information on the campaign. 

* Early Years Foundation Stage Profile results 2014

**Survey polled 4,000 adults across the UK