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Adopt a Furry Friend Friday!

Adopt a Furry Friend Friday!

If you’ve been thinking of adopting a pet and wanted to start with a little one we have some wonderfully small furry friends that are looking for a lovely owner to care for them. They are a characterful, friendly bunch so why not take a look and consider giving one a home.

If you are interested in adopting any of the pets below click on the charity names below to find out more and get their contact details. And don't forget to read our top tips on adopting a pet from an animal shelter!


King King Ferret.jpg

From Woodside Animal Welfare Trust: King Kong is an adult male Polecat. He is very inquisitive and does have a tendency to chase you around! He has a nice nature, full of fun and enjoys living in the centre’s ferret funhouse with lots of activities to do. He loves tennis balls and running through all the tubes. King Kong will sometimes bite so owners need to be aware of this



punky NAWelfare Trust.jpg 

From National Animal Welfare Trust: This is Punky a lovely friendly long haired one year old male. He enjoys lots of cuddles but he’s not keen on other guinea pigs so would like to be housed alone. Punky would be happy to live as an outdoor or indoor guinea pig and to live with families who have children of any age.





From RSPCA – Blackpool & North Lancs: Bazil is 13 years old and very friendly. He had a loving home up until his owner sadly moved away so is looking for someone new to take care of him. He hasn’t lived with other chinchillas before but this may be possible. He likes to make funny noises which staff at the centre find most amusing!


 patches assisi.jpg

From Assisi Animal Sanctuary: Cheeky is as cheeky does with this little chap! This is Patches and he is such a character and has a lot to say for himself! Patches loves to be cuddled and his favourite place to be is under your chin! He is very active and loves to rearrange his cage so that everything is where he likes it to be.


 ginger-2 ain distress.jpg

 From Animals in Distress: Ginger had been living with other guinea pigs who unfortunately picked on him to such an extent he no longer has ears. But this doesn't detract from his sweet nature. Can you offer Ginger the home he deserves?  



If you want to find an animal shelter close to you, use our Advanced Search form to find animal charities near to your postcode.


Can't adopt but want to help? Check out our list of animal charities looking for donations!