7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust

Registered Charity Number: XR65507
Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim

We are a small registered charity, set up in 2003, to rescue, care for and eventually re-home abandoned and unwanted pets throughout Northern Ireland.

1. We do not charge for our animals

As our motto states, “Animals are not commodities to be bought or sold. They are beautiful creatures with beautiful souls”. We are not their ‘owners’ merely their ‘guardians’ and, therefore, have no moral right to put a price tag on their head. This is why we do not and never will charge for our animals.

2. We have no paid staff

3. We prefer the natural approach to treating the animals wherever possible

4. We provide help with feral cats including the cost of netuering and free kennels when funds permit

5. We try to avoid a kennel environment for our dogs

As we believe the best place for an animal is not in a sanctuary, but in a home, our dogs will, for the most part, be kept with fosterers. This means they can have more interaction time with humans to reduce the levels of stress associated with being in a kennel environment.

6. We offer a unique Home to Home service - Made in Heaven Match-Making Service

A lot of charities concentrate on taking in dogs from Council Pounds. We prefer that the dogs don’t go to the Pound in the first place, particularly since some councils are now charging to take in unwanted dogs. We will therefore be trying to get dogs homed directly from one home to another. 

To do this we offering our ‘Made in Heaven, Match-Making Service’ We will maintain a database of people who need their dogs re-homed and also people that want a particular type of dog and endeavour to match them up. This service will be free.

7. We have set up a Pet Food Bank

In these times of austerity, many people are struggling financially and food banks have been established to help them, but unfortunately not their animals. We are trying to address this by setting up a food bank for pet. We are offering our support by supplying pet food, free of charge, to those most in need whenever we have excess supplies. We hope this will encourage them to keep their beloved pets at home where they belong.