Heartbeat Home for Horses

Registered Charity Number: 1106722
Woodbridge, Suffolk

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Help Us To Survive And Retire - We desperately need your help to continue and help future horses in need of love, care and attention when their career comes to an end or if they are injured and cannot work but their owners just cast them aside in order to get a younger fitter horse - Why should they die? Horses come to us from all walks of life ex-racehorses, riding horses. even abandoned horses who have a problem and the owners do not care enough and therefore they face a very uncertain future. Our aim is to provide a lifeline for these needy horses all usually large horses which are more expensive to keep allowing them to relax and enjoy life in comfortable surroundings until the vet says there is no quality of life. We never put a healthy horse to sleep. Many charities only admit horses which can be re-educated then loaned out, our residents do not leave here, they do not have any stress or anything to worry about, just eating, relaxing being loved and their individual needs being catered for - please help us to make this care available to them and not allowing them to be unwanted and destroyed because nobody cares.

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