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South Asian Middle East Organisation (SAMEO) is an Academic Health Science Centre to provide high-quality reproductive, maternal and child health (RMNCH) care through dissemination of education, training and research in respective countries. SAMEO will work in collaboration with the Global Health Partners (GHP) to align its strategic directions and augment collective action to achieve global access to comprehensive, high-quality reproductive, maternal and child health care.


Working together with GHP to provide an environment in which all women and children not only are healthy, but thrive and realise their greatest potential.


To convene, engage, catalyse, support and align actions with South Asian and Middle East countries through advocacy, accountability and analysis reproductive, maternal and child health strategies.  The analysis of each related country’s health strategy will provide valuable data to the partnership which may be used for Research & Audit. The outcome would help to develop evidence based clinical practice in the respective country.


SAMEO will address the full range of factors that impact on the health and wellbeing of women and children with a focus on under-served and marginalized populations. SAMEO will take an holistic, integrative and rights based approach to support local action through multi-stake holder action and evidence based advocacy to strengthen the health workforce and resilience of health systems to provide high quality, available, accessible and acceptable reproductive, maternal and child health care and to maximize the impact of inter-related sectors, which have a crucial impact on health outcomes for women and children.

Aims & Objectives

  • SAMEO focuses on the full spectrum of the reproductive, maternal and child health continuum of care with special attention to equity and underserved areas and marginalized populations.
  • SAMEO has a particular focus on South Asian and Middle East countries with a high burden of maternal and child mortality and low access to reproductive health identifying priority countries, issues and populations on an regular basis.
  • SAMEO will provide GPH with opportunities to convene and align actions based on emerging evidence.
  • SAMEO will promote accountability for resources and results, leading to better information to monitor RMACH results as well as to achieve our goals at a global level.
  • SAMEO will identify a range of opportunities to catalyze action at country level, to maximize the power of the platform to facilitate Multi-Stakeholder Discussions.
  • SAMEO will work through its GPH to foster high quality analysis of emerging evidence, promotes consensus on key RMACH topics, and shares best practices.



  • Being partner-centric, by supporting partners to deliver the partnership’s objectives, without replacing or replicating partners’ work or their internal governance / accountability processes.
  • Focusing on convening (i.e. providing a platform for Partners to discuss and agree on ways to align their existing and new activities) and brokering (i.e. actively brokering knowledge, innovations, collaborations, etc. among the Partners).
  • Being driven by country demand and regional priorities.
  • Promoting the Continuum of Care approach to improve women’s and children’s health.


The success of the Partnership will be measured in its ability to achieve the identified outcomes through strategic objectives, and ultimately by supporting the partners to deliver their respective mandates, and achieve better RMACH outcomes in high-burden countries than would otherwise have been possible.

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