Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund

A lifeline for animals of all kinds.

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Canterbury, Kent

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About us

The Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund is a lifeline for animals of all kinds.  We provide sanctuary to animals who become homeless or who have been injured or abused, and vital veterinary care to those on low incomes. We also provide cattery/kennel facilities for your pets whilst you are away from home.

Lord Whisky was named after a Jack Russell who came to live at the Sanctuary when he was 4 years old, having had 6 previous homes. He lived with founder, Margaret Todd, and her family until he had to be put down at the age of 22. Because of his personality it was decided to name the charity after him.

Since then there have been hundreds of 'Lord Whisky's' plus cats, rabbits, horses and donkeys, many of whom go on to loving homes. Others who, like Lord Whisky, have special needs remain at the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives, enjoying the lovely Kent countryside. The charity receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations and legacies to continue its contribution to helping animals and owners.

The aims are adhered to without exception and the interest of each individual animal is our primary concern. Expediency is never a consideration and each animal is welcome to stay in our care for as long as it takes for that special home to come. We make no apology for looking for the right homes for each animal and not animals for people. This does, of course, work to the advantage of the new owner.

Please encourage, love and respect all living things; this can only lead to a better world.

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